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Learn how to make Grillz & Gold Teeth with comprehensive courses from the professionals at Gold Grillz UK.

Our complete, online, how to make grillz courses are designed to teach you the art of crafting high-quality grillz using the latest techniques and materials.

Gold Grillz Courses

Whether you’re a complete beginner, a professional jewelry maker, or a dental technician, our how-to -make grillz courses will help you take your skills to the next level and achieve professional-grade results. Join our grillz academy and community of students today, and start creating your own dazzling gold teeth business!

How to Make Grillz

Gold Grillz – Lost wax technique course

Unleash your creativity and master the art of gold grillz making with our comprehensive course. 50+ Video Lessons. Our training covers the traditional Lost Wax Technique and guides you through crafting single gold teeth, full gold grillz, and iced-out grillz from start to finish.

Learn how to make Grillz

Gold Grillz – Digital grillz course

Unlock your creative potential and become a master of gold grillz. From designing digital grillz to crafting unique designs for single gold teeth, full grillz, and iced-out grillz, our training covers every aspect of the process in 34+ lessons. Learn to utilize industry-leading 3SHAPE design and scan software and 3D printing technology to bring your designs to life. Join us now and elevate your skills in the art of gold grillz making.


At Gold Grillz UK, we pride ourselves on over a decade of experience in creating a diverse range of grillz . We have honed our craft over the years, perfecting our techniques to deliver high-quality grillz that meet our customers’ unique preferences.


Gain access to top-tier tips, tricks, and techniques through our training videos. From lost wax to full digital grillz, our videos cover a wide range of methods and provide answers to many “how-to” questions.


Based on our extensive experience in the grillz trade, we provide a comprehensive explanation of all aspects of the business. Our course covers everything from design to crafting, empowering you to create the best grillz for your clients and generate revenue.

Study at Your Own Pace

Unlock Your Business Potential: Master the Art of Creating Top-Quality Gold Grillz

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Gain access to the complete video training courses that will walk you through all steps you need to learn in order to make the best Gold Grillz products on the market. 

Whether you are a student looking to add a new skill to your resume, a jeweler wanting to expand your offerings, or a dental technician seeking to create dental gold restorations, our grillz courses will help you achieve professional-grade results.

By investing in our Gold Grillz Courses, you will have access to expert guidance and comprehensive tutorials that help you achieve professional-grade results. Take the first step towards mastering the art of gold grillz making by enrolling in our academy today. You can also read more about Gold Grillz.

Best Industry Leaders

We craft all of our grillz in house so we have access to the best materials and equipment.
Innovating the grillz business over the years with unique techniques and designs.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Our courses are online-based, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You can access the courses for 1 Year anytime, anywhere, on any device, making it easy to fit learning into your busy schedule.

Professional Certification

At the end of the course, after you have completed all lessons, you will be awarded with the Gold Grillz Certificate of Completion, proof that you had taken and completed the best Gold Grillz courses.

Award Winning

Trusted by Thousand of Clients and Students

Grillz Course Review
“1st class service absolutely blown away by there work they make sure u know what is going on an very professional would recommend to anyone that is looking to have a grill or teeth done by them an THANKS GG for my teeth love them”
Shelley Thomas
Gold Teeth Course Review
“This team and this company are hands down the best producers of grillz/mouth jewellery in the UK. Every time a piece is produced it’s the perfect fit with no exception. Even if a mould is sub-par, with the experience and expertise this team have, they will have your grillz fitting to perfection. DON’T PURCHASE FROM ANYWHERE ELSE. The quality of work that comes from this outstanding business is unmatched. Best in the UK.”
Sam Hyde
Grillz Academy
”Honestly 10/10, bought a single diamond tooth and it fits exceptionally well, was skeptical as i thought i messed up the mould kit, but came today and absolutely love it, the back of the tooth is really smooth too. Great customer service, easy and clear instructions and a very professional job”
Paddy Towner
Instructor Image
“AMAZING! If your getting Grillz or evening thinking about it these guys will help you out with anything you need. Customer service is second to none speed and professionalism are exactly as you would expect and there products speak for them self’s! No other comes even close to GOLD GRILLZ UK! Don’t even hesitate, you will not be disappointed!”
Adam Smith

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