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Gold Grillz Courses offer a unique opportunity for students, jewelers, and dental technicians to learn the art of creating custom gold grillz. Whether you are a student looking to explore a new skill, a jeweler looking learn how to make gold grillz, or a dental technician looking to add a new service to your practice, our courses are perfect for you.

How to Make Grillz

Gold Grillz – Lost wax technique course

Unleash your creativity and master the art of gold grillz making with our comprehensive course. 50+ Video Lessons. Our training covers the traditional Lost Wax Technique and guides you through crafting single gold teeth, full gold grillz, and iced-out grillz from start to finish.

Learn how to make Grillz

Gold Grillz – Digital grillz course

Unlock your creative potential and become a master of gold grillz. From designing digital grillz to crafting unique designs for single gold teeth, full grillz, and iced-out grillz, our training covers every aspect of the process in 34+ lessons. Learn to utilize industry-leading 3SHAPE design and scan software and 3D printing technology to bring your designs to life. Join us now and elevate your skills in the art of gold grillz making.

Our grillz courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire process of creating custom gold grillz. You will learn how to make grillz, about the materials and tools needed, the techniques used to shape and mold the grillz, and the finishing touches that make each piece unique.

By enrolling in our grillz courses, you will have access to step-by-step video tutorials, detailed instructions on how to make grillz, and personalized support from our expert instructors. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other learners in our community, share your work, and receive feedback and encouragement.

Whether you want to start your own gold grillz business, expand your jewelry-making skills, or add a new service to your dental practice, Gold Grillz Courses provide the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed. Join our community of learners today and unlock your potential as a gold grillz maker!

Some of the gold grillz designs included in our step-by-step lessons.
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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Award Winning
Award Winning

We are Gold Grillz UK, one of the best gold grillz providers in UK with over 10 Years of experience in making and selling all types of grillz to the public.

No, the equipment that we show in the videos is not included in the course price. We will show and recommend what equipment and materials we use to make grillz and you can purchase your own or use the one you already have.

No, you can start the course without and progress as you are ready to learn the next module. We will give you the list with the necessary equipment and materials for every module. 

Yes, you will receive the Gold Grillz Certificate of Completion after finishing the grillz courses.

You don’t need any previous experince as will teach you step by step.

No you don’t but if your are already a Jeweller or Dental Technician these courses will be easier for you.

Yes, all enrolled students will have access to future updates and new lessons. We will notify you via email when there available.

After purchasing any course you will have access to study it at your own pace for 1 Year. After you can subscribe for Paid Membership which will give you access to the future lessons and updates.

Yes, you will have direct contact with your tutor during your course if you need extra attention to succeed in your education. 

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